Retro Xcode

An oldschool DOS theme for Xcode created and maintained by :rocket:.

Retro Xcode


Alcatraz (recommended)

Use the most common Xcode Package Manager Alcatraz. Search for Retro and click install.


  1. $ ./

  2. Restart Xcode, select retro theme in Color settings.

Ships with two different colors



Retro Borland TurboC++

Retro Borland C++.dvtcolortheme

Required Font

DOS437 - Also included in our repository. Only contains ASCII characters! We had not UTF-16 in DOS ;)

Just download the .ttf, open it with the font browser and press the install button. Without DOS Font its not retro. Deal with it.

Thank you

vinhnx - We've copied your readme and github page. Sorry!